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Architecture Inspires Historical Romance: Worcester Cathedral

Several years ago I visited Europe with my dear friend and fellow author, Fleeta Cunningham. We spent 7 weeks enjoying the hospitality of village residents and touring some of the most iconic sites in the world. The inspiration this experience gave me has been a driving force behind several of the books in my Secrets & Scandals series. For followers of Historical Romance, these sites are at the top of my list when traveing Europe.

Touring the Worcester Cathedral is a transformative experience and illustrates the role that Catholocism has had in shaping western culture throughout the centuries.

Worcester Cathedral - Built over a period of 500 years beginning in 1084.

Worcester Cathedral, England
Main area, or "Nave" of the Cathedral.

The ceiling of the Nave is over 65 feet tall!

The Crypt, built during the 12th century, is one of the oldest sections of the Cathedral and supports the floor of the Choir.

The imposing sculpture on the High Altar depicting Christ on his throne and the 4 Apostles is a testament to the camanding presence of Catholicism in the history of European religions.

There's a whole tour dedicated to the stained glass windows of the Cathedral, which are breathtaking.

Religious or not, this Cathedral is an awe-inspiring example of man's ability to create a tangible home for the slippery concept of spirituality giving it the power to dominate a culture.


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