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The Seer


Merlin's Progeny Book Two

Camelot faces annihilation...

To keep the evil Dargon from overtaking Camelot, Jade joins forces with the man who imprisons her kind.  She must help King Marcus retrieve Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake and find two Immortal Weapons.  As much as Jade tries to dislike the handsome king, she cannot.  One graze of her fingers against his hand reveals his kindness, and only a man worthy of Excalibur can capture her heart.

Foes join forces...

Marcus has never met such a brave and beautiful warrior.  The lady is fearless and can best any man in battle.  Along the journey, he discovers Jade is first granddaughter of Merlin and a seer.  When she touches a person, she can see his past, she sometimes has visions of the future, and she can mind talk when in close proximity.  Yet, Jade keeps secrets.  Then Marcus is shocked to discover he also is magic.  A Traveler able to create enchanted doorways and walk through walls, to journey to other dimensions, even move through time.

An impossible future...

When several Orbis pages are stolen by the wicked Dargon leader, Sadon, and his vile sister Bravanna, Jade and Marcus must retrieve the pages before it’s too late.  The Orbis is the key to crafting more Immortal Weapons.  Sadon unlocks the symbols of the Orbis and learns of a prophecy, the reason he will stop at nothing to have Jade.  And only the Traveler can change the past to prevent destruction of the future.


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