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The Healer

Merlin's Progeny Book One

     Lily is magic, a granddaughter of Merlin himself, and must stay hidden.  Magic is outlawed, and dark sorcerers known as the Dargon are after her.  When she cannot ignore a child with blood fever and heals him, this comes at a price.  She has been found.

     Taking the child’s illness within her, Lily must now heal herself.  Her faithful wolf, Tam, remains at her side, a guard to watch over her as she goes into the healing sleep.  King’s men arrive on her doorstep while the fever still rages, and she is certain they have come to arrest her.  Lily tries sending them away but the handsome knight filling her doorway will not be deterred, even when Tam growls out warnings between bared fangs.  A commotion outside does not prove helpful.  The Dargon have also arrived.

     Sir Tristan, First Knight of Camelot, has come on orders of the gravely injured king.  Shot by an arrow, King Marcus hovers near death and sent Tristan to bring back the lady healer.  Having doubts of healers since he lost his entire family at the hands of one, Tristan has no choice but to obey the king’s order.  Yet, when the Dargon try to take Lily, Tristan and his men fight the powerful warriors who show no signs of fatigue.  Just when the battle seems lost, the Dargon retreat into the woods.  When Tristan finds one of them unconscious at Lily’s feet, he suspects she is more than she seems.  His suspicions prove accurate when he brings her to Camelot and she heals the king. 

     As the Dargon threaten Camelot, Lily and Tristan set out to locate the Immortal Weapons, the only things powerful enough to stop the army of evil magicians marching toward the kingdom.  The weapons are also the keys to Merlin’s crystal cave prison and must be found to free him.  Along the journey, they find another treasure, a love most pure and deep.  And only the dark secret one of them keeps can destroy everything.

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