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The Shifter


Merlin's Progeny Book Three

She changes his fate...

Merlin’s grandson Drake is a powerful shifter, charged with the task of finding the last two Immortal Weapons.  While on the search, he comes across someone who once saved his life.  Someone who helped him escape deadly imprisonment and brought him to safety.  A beautiful young sorceress who happens to be his enemy’s own daughter. 


He touches her heart...

After escaping the confines of her mother’s kingdom of the Wood Elves and breaking off an unwanted engagement, Alexia finds the father she never knew.  Once a caring, loving parent, Sadon’s dark magic twists him into a monster, and the harder Alexia fights for his return to the light, the more he delves into the darkness.  Now, she is torn between the man she loves and a father she wishes to save.


Darkness closes in...

Hungry for more power and domination over all people, Sadon has no desire for peace.  He craves the strength of the Immortal One and will destroy anyone who stands in his way.  As the final battle approaches, Sadon creates formidable weapons forged from the dark magic he has come to embrace.  And he is intent on bringing Camelot to naught but ash and rubble.


The final battle begins...

The Immortal One is chosen and Merlin is free of his Crystal Cave prison, but even that might not be enough to defeat the evil come to destroy goodness and light.  Drake and Alexia must stand together or risk the annihilation of everyone they love.  This is the only way to defeat Sadon, drive out the Dargon, and bring lasting peace to the land.

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