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Secrets and Scandals Series

Innocence Lost

Secrets and Scandals Book 1

Lady Megan has a secret. From her first glimps of Lord Claremont's portrait, her heart has yearned for the impossible. The Duke is none other than her brother's most hated enemy. But a chance meeting with the insufferable man has her none too pleased. In fact, the duke could ruine her, that is, if he were to learn her true identity.

Duchess Beware

Secrets and Scandals Book 2

Silver MacLaren cannot escape her horrifying past. And when her guardian betrothes her to a man she detests, her future doesn't look any better. When she travels to Scotland with her aunt to inform her half-brothers of her upcoming  marriage, she meets Daniel Claiborne, the Duke of Huntington. And everything changes. For a short while she forgets how her mother was killed, forgets the abuse she suffered at the hands of her guardian, forgets that soon she will be trapped in a hellish marriage. And for a brief moment, she forgets she cannot possibly have a future with the Duke.

Lord Sinister

Secrets and Scandals Book 3

Amelia Jamison has lost everything. She has no home, no money and no way to take care of her son. Ten years ago, however, she had a wealthy family, many friends, and prominent young men wishing to court her. Then she met Lord Julian Westland, Marquess of Amersleigh, who ruined her life. She promptly fled England, abandoned and alone. Now, to keep herself and her son from starving, she must accept the governess position offered to her.  That means returning to England, but fate yields another crushing blow, and Amelia is thrown back into the path of the very man she had hoped never to see again. 

Lord Black Heart

Secrets and Scandals Book 4

When Lord Jackson Townsend is accused of murdering his father, the Earl of Ravenwood, he becomes the notorious thief; Jack the Black Heart. As the ex-Royal Navy officer sails the Atlantic, surviving on the stolen property of reprobates, he vows never to give up until he uncovers the truth about his father's death.  Then he unexpectedly crosses paths with a mysterious beauty and, for the first time in four years, he isn't so consumed by his mission.  But his troubles only intensify when he learns she is none other than the sister of a duke and he cannot let her go.

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