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Lord Hunter

Secrets & Scandals Book 6

To keep her safe…


After the unexpected death of his young uncle, Lucian Townsend finds himself the Earl of Hartford.  He is met with a surprise at his new estate and has but one uncomfortable conclusion for the stunning lady’s presence.  Lucian is at a loss about what to do until a shot is fired.  At her.  Now, keeping her safe is his sole concern.


On a dangerous treasure hunt…


Emma Wickham is from a long line of treasure hunters.  A dangerous business when riches are involved.  Or a map is found, leading to loads of gold.  Like the one her brother, Sean, and his best friend, Jonah, Lord Hartford, possessed when tragedy struck.  Sean is missing, and Emma doesn’t have the funds to form a search.  She must swallow her pride and take the new earl’s offer to help.


To locate her missing brother…


On the journey to locate Emma’s brother, Lucian is drawn to the tempting minx.  He burns for her, is consumed by wicked thoughts.  Why not make his naughty imaginings a reality?  He needs an heir, and Miss Wickham needs a protector.  A perfect solution.  Until she turns him down.


While evading the killer…


Give up her freedom?  Never!  A husband has rules, makes demands.  Lucian would keep her from the thing she loved most.  Treasure hunting.  But with each fiery kiss, her resolve weakens, and Lord Hartford inches into her heart.  Before it’s too late, she must find her brother and leave the tempting new earl.  Even if that means setting out on her own.  Even if that means falling victim to Jonah’s killer and the trap he’s set.

   Available January 26
Tiffany's Books
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